Its a big day and we can help you make it special as both a photographer and videographer in Luxembourg. Whatever ideas you have we can put them into execution and make them extra special. WE adopt to your wishes but we also give advice and new ideas. Call us to get more information as this is a cooperation between you and us

Professional wedding photographer  Luxembourg


It is always a bit nervous to prepare and get ready for the big day. That is why it a great idea to be able to look at this pictures or video and see how nervous we all where.


One of the traditions is that the couple disappear for the photo session while the guests are having a drink and socialicing. That is just one way of doing it and we have many suggestions.


It does not matter if you choose to make a big party or just going to the mayer. We cover it and help you to make it a special day. 

Dinner and party

You can choose how long you want us to be around but our wedding photographer normally leave the party when the door is closed. We dont want to miss the party.

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