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Ever heard of Hyper focal point (hfp)? Did you ever wonder how to get a sharp picture throughout the whole picture. When shooting a landscape where should you keep the focus? Another problem is where you should meter but we are not covering this now.The basic rule to remember is about 1/3 in the picture is where you should put focus. There are software that can give you the HFP but the problem in reality is how to judge the distance for doing so. The application counts where you should focus and gives you a distance to subject. If your lens have a distance setting, you could use that. The other solution that requires post-processing would be to combine the same picture with different focus points in the same picture. You are blending the same picture with focus point in different part of the picture. Using a tripod, you take several pictures only moving the focal point. I will come back with more of these examples.

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