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Ninfadayspa for Paris-Match

Coming up with new ideas to present the staff of a SPA for Paris-Match.They offer 4 hands for couples, which is a very romantic gift. This was a very enjoyable shooting and I highly recommend the

Marketing material for building management

Building management does not sound sexy and quite difficult to present the business value in a picture. All this we managed quite well to present early stage with a helmet and showing the buildings. This is an article for a magazine shooting.

Creating marketing material

To build up a campaigne on social media and for publishing can be time consuming. We are helping businesses target client and in this case you should visit the shop in the center. Black Wombat with a lot of cool stuff for gifts. My favorite thing is the wodden tie.

Framing your dogs sounds cruel

Getting a dog to behave for a photo in a studio is not obvious and requires a little bit of gaming to manage for the right pose. Some playing to get to know the dog and to feel trust is essential. Pictures with the family members is always easier as the dog as well is nervous in the studio and rather would like to play with the flash or gets annoyed by the sounds from the equipment. Count with 2 hours for a animal session to be successful.

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