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Even Santa is sleeping

Shooting in the cold sets requirements of the equipment especially the battery. It is about 25 minus and I had to take a detour not to show my footsteps in the snow. The tripod was a heavy one as the wind will move the camera and create blur. Its a long exposure and fingers are cold even pressing the button hurts. Sometimes you long back to the warm studio but not in this case.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This is a long exposure for about 20 seconds on a tripod. It is about 35 minus so quite difficult even for a nikon camera with a fresh battery. Holding the tripod is dangerous and just pressing the button is very cold. The fog on the lens is there and when you breath the camera gets iced. With longer time (20 seconds is mas) the stars will make traces so you have to adjust aperture, iso, shutterspeed to avoid this

Video production GalaITone

For Farvest group we covered the evening with video, a media wall with themes for dressing out and photographers for covering the conferences. Have a look at the speed painting in the end that reveals the winner of the year. The photo studio was brought to location and was very appreciated by the participants. We also bring a printer for handing out printed versions directly with one person that is editing and printing while the other person is taking pictures in the movable studio.

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