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Mirror, mirror on the car, tell me who the most beautiful are

The sutdio can be moved to location and in this location in the fields, we where lucky with the weather. We borrowed a car for the preparation of the shooting. This was a moment when the modell checked the make-up and it created a laugh for using the small side mirror of the car. Sometimes it is fun to be a professional photographer.

Je sabre

After the wedding cermony we all went down to the water and to make a exposure against the sun, you need a strong flash and also to change the flash sync speed as its limited to normal 1/250. This will not be enough to dial upp for the brightness of the sun. The flash needs to be close to the subject. This is accomplished differently on different cameras but on Nikon its called FP and on Canon HSS (high speed sync)


This was probably the fastest wedding shooting ever as we had no more than 5-10 min to nail the shots until we had to goto the place of the cermony. We normally check a place out before the shooting but this was a wedding in the Netherlands so no preparation was possible. The couple was not stressed so it went well. Preparations are the key to success normally to check out the place before, research where the sun goes up or down. Where are public people walking, what angles work. What shadows will be present at what time you are supposed to shoot.

A cool little one

Spending time with children playing before the shooting is crucial to get the relaxed shot. This is time consuming but rewarding when you gain the trust from the little ones. I normally ask parents to bring their favorite toys (please understand me right here as i meant for the kids). Using their toys in the shooting works well.

Cool guest

Sometimes you have to admit that even being a professional photographer you sometimes are just in the right time in the right position. This even looks photoshopped except the sunglasses that are added blur to take away my image. The rest is the sun being a good back light creating contrast to the subject and the studio flash over powering the strong sun light. This is a good technique to use: Use a strong flash (You need a strong flash) to over power the sun being behind your subject. It creates dramatic pictures. You often have to go to high speed sync , auto FP to surpass 1/250 that is a normal flash restriction. Otherwise the sun will blow out your picture.

She kissed an oyster and got a prince

Being a marriage photographer is not always easy. This is probably the fastest shooting in history, max 5 min before the cortege had to continue. To be creative in stessful moments even being a professional photographer is not easy. In this case at the same time we where filming part of the wedding as one of the guests also gave it as a gift.

The beach

You dont have to look up beauty in wikipedia

Dont mess with me

The studio theme was James Bond and we managed with a number of good shoots without having to much of accessories. The studio shooting for a theme is a fun moment both for the team in the studio and the client and preparation is key. We had a few ideas to play around with to fullfill the story. The client was at ease and we managed quite quickly to go through the different themes.

These clones have great fun

A big part of being a good photographer is coming up with new ideas. This is an example of a card for invitation to a wedding and ofcourse in the favorite place of the couple. Connect with your clients to surprice. This was a very rewarding shooting although it requires a lot of work. This picture consists of 9 different picture shoot with exactly the same lumination to capture all the moment the couple could remember.

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