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Cant stop enjoying from such a lovely weekend

To be part of a marriage is always a happy moment as well as stressful. Knowing that you have a few seconds to produce and capture the life important moment can get anyone to be nervous. Coming up with unique ideas is important not to have the same photos as everyone else. We had shooting on location a few days before not to stress the wedding and also to make invitations for the wedding. Being a professional photographer in Luxembourg has its bright sides and differs from shooting in the studio.

Lucky shot

IF you are one of the lucky ones to meet James Bond, do not forget to tell him that you are a photographer when you tell him you want to shoot him

In studio capturing high heels

Finding new angles can surprise and changing light to enforce the situation for products. The studio has to be rebuilt for each product assignment for close up of jewellery, statues, painting, watches, bottles, art mentioning a few we have produced. Even water splashes and submerging has been performed in the studio for products. For each product shooting we always include one personal photo as a gift for printing on aluminium debond.

If you stop the cortege you better know your equipment

Securing a wedding is always a responsability and you never know what things could happen to be prepared for solutions to fullfill the responsability. In this case I was sure to get a good picture of the whole cortege and stopped it before going to church. This was ofcourse a big risk but turned out well.

Arranging part of a "Bachelorette" was great fun

Being the only man in a bacherlorette party was without doubt a fun moment. My assignment was to cover the whole evening and to make a studio shooting before going out together. A fun evening and gorgeous results from the ladies in the studio and in the evening.

What is the definition of office?

When you see someone having a conference call sitting like a guru, you realize that the definition of office and guru has changed :-)

Its a YES

No kidding it is a big yes. Pictures can be found in the library.

Love is in the air

A late night marriage kiss at the party and ofcourse the photographer was there. Photo:

Love at first sight

The first time she looked out from under a table, I missed the opportunity. I sat down and made some sketches with here and then it was okay to take her picture.

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