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The party

When its cold outside there is nothing better to warm yourself. There are better ways and bad ways and without judging this was a fun moment.

Pump it

Sometimes in the studio, you find situations that is not about taking the right photo but to get the person to relax. This was such a situation. Preparations for studio shootings is one thing to do with the client. Another thing is to spend time with the client to get relaxed infront of the camera and to pose naturally and personally. It means some poses does not fit for that personality and friends and family will quickly identify that it looks a bit fake.

What are the best expressions for a good studio portrait ?

Thats is not an easy question and with experience you learn to see what looks natural and also keeps the personality of that person. Everybody likes to feel comfortable in the studio and if not a professional model, a trick is to use questions while shooting. This makes a person forget they are posing and directly fall into a natural position.

Financial center

I was asked to make a financial picture to represent Luxembourg but not a landscape picture. This is my reaction:

When you know you are not giving up

It never easy to make a selfportrait in the studio but after having the muscular guy shooting for an afternoon it felt motivating to start training.

Some people surprise

You need to guide people to perform and I must say that i was impressed. No former experience and a lovely shoot. You will for sure se more of him.

I moment in the grid

Using grids and protect the light from hitting the background creates dramatic feeling and good shadows. Main light is a soft box with grid and the head light also has a grid.

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