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Do you agree?

Imagine you are deciding to buy a piece of furniture. You think it is the right choice but you ask for advice and what would be your decision if you got this face?

Shooting with Cristina

Cristina was quite used infront of the camera so not much guiding was necessary. It was quite a fast shooting too as she had many changes and we were still faster than normal.

Portable studio

This portrait session was a quick one but very good. The portable studio with 3 light set-up can be set-up within 20 min.

Profile pictures ready

How to make people pose and still keep their personality? This is a tricky one as a photographer as if you try a pose that seems unnatural for the person, any friend of your client would identify this in a photo. Well how could you do this without trespassing in the personality boundaries?The best way is to play out the poses in natural way not to control the pose to much.

Art catalogue and online library

Setting up a good light for art and sculptures could seem easy but it requires a lot of testing if the objects are very different. Each figure needs its on perfect light. This is a sculpture by Duminda.


A portrait moment with E and I liked the classical look and still with a myesterious smile

Two sunshine

Photography is fun because you meet people you would probably never meet otherwise. In a short period of time you try to understand who they are to be able to catch their personality and things that are typical for this person and all this in a very short period of time. This was such a shoot and although I could not make the girl relax, I still like the photo. I normally want people that know them to say. Yeahh, it so you.

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