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When time is luxury

His not only wearing them... he is making them too. A moment to learn more how a watch is made by hand.

Company preparation

This is a set-up for a company evening with a studio corner for people to get dressed out. Great fun.

showing off

This little cutie started to really show off and smile and it was a gorgeous moment. From first being afraid until she hardly wanted to leave the stage. Wonderful moment.


The pictures are ready in the album and sent out per email. Linking will be done from client area.

Shooting with Katharina and family

Pictures will soon be ready with the whole family. Shooting with a baby is not always easy. It started of being quite difficult as the little one was initially afraid of me and started screaming. I took a flash and got both parents to play with the flash together with me and this was the best trick ever. From being afraid she loved being infront of the camera and in the end smiling each time the flash went of. Lovely

Hiking with flash photography class 12/2 @ 10:00-12:00

Learn how to handle the flash, oncamera and off camera flash, triggering systems, metering, exposure compensation and diffusion. No earlier experience necessary. Flashes will be available for Nikon and Canon users and one camera. Hiking and learning photography, meeting new people and seeing beautiful nature and hopefully good weather, all at the same time. Class will be held in English and registration is made to

Little guy, big spoon

Children tend to find a favorite thing and bring it along. This was quite funny that the favorite thing would be a kitchen soup spoon of big format. We could not shoot without it. I tried to remove it but it was impossible.

Dressed in dark

A pool was built up in the studio for reflection photos and before we started we trained some poses. The girls is wearing a black body suit.

A birthday gift

If we try to find something that connects all in the family and yes, that was skiing.

Get ready for the race

If you prep the shooting with things you like, we can together create something special. His favorite things was cars and he got really proud for his outfit.

I told you it was too big

This little man refused to leave the box. You would have thought that it was arranged but I actually placed a big box in the studio and this little man went over to the wine box and climbed in.

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