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Tricks when shooting very young ones

This is Linus 8 month and he was not sitting still and absolutely not looking into the camera. I made sounds and faces and eventually he caught my attention and then he did not let go. One out of 100 he was looking in my direction just to give you a clue :-)

A very fun session

I think we were all laughing quite a lot although I had to force them to look serious this is probably the shooting were I laughed the most. Picture gallery will be ready soon.

Coming back to the studio

A grid and a reflector that is protecting the light from hitting the backdrop makes black from white background. Ofcourse you can fix it with Photoshop but saving time is crucial and then better to get the shot right from the start.

Cold self portrait

Even when you think you have viking blood, get dressed if you are out in the cold :-)

Young models

You are never too young to model. This funny little guy is only 8 month but had a show infront of the camera.

Glamour portrait

With the help of a fan, a scarf and preventing the light from hitting the backdrop with a Gary Fong (good investment), you can create a glamours look. It is also great fun.

Series of portraits

This portrait of these beautiful two is made with a beauty-dish on a rolling stand. You are free to move even when people dance and still have power light available.

Luxembourg photo-walk

Ready for a new start of the year?The photo group classes will begin from next weekend the 29/1 and it does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, there is always need for improvements. For interest send a request to A note will be published with the photo-walk with place and time to meet. Looking forward.

Some models are just so cool

This is from a portrait session earlier but this lady is amazing. The set-up here is with a head light and a gary fong cone towards the face. The trick not to spill light on the back drop and shoot with HSS and AUTO FP but watch out. The flash is much weaker as it is not working the same way.

Vaporizing model!

First you cool the glass and spray some drops on the side. Then you touch the glass several times to find the right angle. You twist it and smell it. Smell it again. Another picture, woops gone :-)

Easy portraits

Shooting portraits with people that has never been infront of the camera can be tricky. You need to make them feel comfortable and for the most important, you need to make them act as they would normally do. IF not it will only be a good photo but friends will recognize the difference. The other situation when you are succeeding is equal to friends humming... Wouw, that really you.

Studio portraits

What is your preferrence of portrait? A 3 point light where the head light makes a huge difference.The main light from the right and the fill to the left is in relation 1:3 and the head light a bit lower than the fill light in power. There is a grid on the head light but that has probably no effect with a 70-200 lens.

Pictures are ready

It is one of the pros of being a photographer to meet new people and to try to catch a good side of them. Sometimes you get surprised by the beauty of some people in its simpleness. Here you go, pictures can be received through CD, website and mail.

A frozen moment

There are some things that you cant be without in the morning

A risky walk

The only sound was the wind in the three tops and the ice cracking. Slowly walking to a better position on the ice could have been a cold bath. What are you not doing for a better position.

The storm-fishers

The storm-fishers (No need to say that my camera is waterproof). During this shoot the temperature was only 8 minus but the wind was 50 knots. In this situation getting water all over and being freezing cold, you need to trust your equipment and know exactly what to do as you only get a second to place yourself close to the waves and move directly before they brake. My camera can handle to get water but I have more of a problem with that in freezing cold weather. This is the result although I did it 200 times before getting this picture.

Northern Sweden

I went out in the woods to look for wolf tracks. I did find the tracks but also some beautiful spots.

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