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Are you missing a christmas gift?

Did you already find a Christmas gift? If not the studio offers "Make you own calendar", an appreciated gift package with a studio session to create your own calendar for your loved one. Offer a studio session as a gift. I also offer courses and the following is a package: 1. Learn to handle your camera 2. Learn how to use a flash 3. Learn how to shoot in a studio 4. Advanced landscape and night photography. Merry Christmas

The art of making watches

Running into family Schroeder was a pure pleasure. Not only to see how you make a watch but to hear about the tradition of watches and also to see that something is involving the whole family.

A great time shooting at Beer Company

The editing after a longer shooting although being fun it is quite hard. 300 pictures to be edited takes it toll. Tomorrow the link will be published.The shooting was great fun with lots of new and nice people. More of this :-)

Some models does not like light

There are so many similar photos of babies out there and you just have to try not to fall into the trap to do the same. Of course you look at a picture and you think... I want to learn how to do the same and for sake do. But change it. Steal with pride and take inspiration but make it your own. If you are using flash, the trick is not to let the light hit the background and to use a Gary Fong or home made Honey comb grid to focus on the face and to seal of the light hitting the background. You can find many DIY project even using toilet roles. Another of my own invention is to take and umbrella and but news paper inside the umbrella to protect the ligth from going in the direction of the bac

The fishing house

I often use flash in my landscape photography. Here you can see one example that lights up the house. Remote triggering of flash is necessary and I can just highly recommend Phottix remote triggers. Phottix never misfire and for the first time you feel that you can trust your equipment. Flash is used here in combination with long exposure meaning that you could trigger the flash in the beginning or in the end of the exposure. With a fixed object like a house... (compared to a person that I would trigger in the end to get a sharper picture). Check your camera to see what it is called for the different flash sync names. If you do not have a trigger, do not worry as you can use a flash light or

A visit in the paradise of cakes

This is a creation of Benoit Leichtnam and was done for Sucre du Luxembourg. After the presentation you could taste all the creations from 5 top chefs. As a desert food photographer you would certainly turn fat in no time.

Shooting with Fernando

Studio pictures ready! It was great fun shooting with this guy in the studio and we managed not only to have fun but to get some good portraits with good light. This portrait is shoot with a 3 lighting setup: Main light is a soft-box from the right side and a fill light from the left 1:2 setup and then a head light from up behind giving the contrast of the silhouette .Always look at the light in the eyes, the catch light to analyze the light situation. In the eyes you can clearly see the reflection of the softbox.

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