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Heaven starts where the clounds ends

Bringing your equippment on a plane can be un unpleasant experience with or without a pelican box. I normally keep the camera body in the cabin and the lenses in a protected check-in luggage. This time a brought everything in a small carry on and happily could bring out the camera and shot through the window.

Winter storage of summer bridge

All you need to perform these kind of photos is a ND filter. The ND filter lets you keep longer times without overexposing the picture. This picture is 20 seconds with ND400 which darkens the photo 10 times. The water turn milky and the reflec burn into the water. The longer time you can set the more the water and the clouds get blurred and the more the shadows burn into the water. With 20 sec you can hardly see the reflex from the sticks in the water. I will publish a DIY help for how to create your own ND filter. Very easy and good results.

Some bridges bring you further in fantasy

Not only because I am a photographer but also because I like watching the sea. You stay for hours and see the clouds change shape and a lot of things happen. Moments come and go and it is all about just sitting there thinking. Do you like that too without getting restless?

After storm comes sunshine

With heavy wind of 14 knots and rain, it was a test for the tripod and equipment. Very important to see that you can remove the strap from the camera for the wind not to vibrate the camera. In such wind and rain the tripod will prove its name and small vibrations will show in the picture. Remote triggering is a must and MUP (mirror up) if you have such function. I had to use my hand to avoid the rain to hit the lens (my camera is water secured) otherwise you would use a plastic bag. Still I am missing a remote trigger that is water proof!!!! Product ideas here.... When its cold, good gloves where you can just free some fingers (hard to explain :-) ) help staying focused. I try to use flirs w

The bridge to Europe

I threw my self up and grabbed my camera bag pack in the over head compartement. As we were landing the stewardess was not very happy to see that I was not obeying the rules. I run also to a window that was clean as mine was dirty.

Shooting for Volvo

Who would have guessed that part of Luxembourg, in cooperation with Volvo is leading the green development of buses. You learn something new every day.

After rain comes sunshine

This was a shot taken just after a heavy rain, the sky cleared up and the sun came out. Being in the skybar Sofitel gave a very special moment for the couple who managed to be in my way.

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