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A beautiful country

Here you can find some of the photos from Luxembourg photo-walks that continues each Sunday combining hiking and photography.

Class with flash

Giving a class how to use the off flash and working with capturing fast movement with flash. The lowest speed of the flash is 1/128 which in a dark room can catch a very fast moment as the flash duration is 1/41600 sec.

A fresh lemon in the morning

Did you try to start the day with a fresh lemon. It walks you up and makes you feel fresh and you practice moving your face :-)

Friends that counts

It is wonderful to shoot clients with friends. A great feeling to capture the bond and as I said before that it makes me appreciate my job e

Northern light trip December 2016

This year again a trip will be arranged to Arctic for learning photography and whatching the northern lights. More information will come so keep your eyes open and should you be interested send an email to

Light weight tripod for a reasonable price

I tried out the Vanguard VEO series of tripods. With a simplicity and well thought through details including the easily adjustable ball head. Carbon fiber 5 section quick adjustable legs. A perfect companion for getting your tripod in your carry-on luggage. This was before my biggest challenge to be able to bring an enough sturdy tripod. It can manage with about 8 Kg of load. This is a winner due to the combination of details and price.

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