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Product shooting in Kirchberg

A bit lucky with the weather, we managed to finalize product photos from a very good tripod company. I will come back with a review as I was mighty impressed with functionality and weight.

Moments with a family

Sometimes it is not so easy to get people to relax infront of the camera, especially when you have to catch a whole group. To synchronize several people to get the best out of them can be quite challenging. There are some tricks to get the attention or to fool people to think that you are trying to do something different.

A stunning wedding party

Does the shoes reveal how much fun it was. If not, I can tell you that is was a great party and as a photographer I left to late because it was so much fun. The party is always a relaxing point as the worst is over. Filming and taking photos at this point is only to take into consideration that too late is not a good idea to film or to take photos.

James Dean drop dead

As a studio photographer in Luxembourg, bringing out the "best" in people is not always easy. Getting a connection and then instructing for how to pose can be a difficult task. Sometimes doing extreme poses , just for the fun of it, will relax the person for the more normal pose. This is a good trick to make people comfortable in the nomal poses.

Family shooting in the park

Even though studio photo is more controlled it is also possible to pick a location. Merl park is a nice place with many good locations for shooting. Only problem is having other people in the background and due to GDPR we will have to wait until its free. Even rainy days could be romantic with umbrellas and a hot cup of chocholate .

Dudelange spiders

As soon as I heard there where poisonous spiders in Dudelange I went there directly...

Evening class how to shoot manual 8/9

For those who could not join the hike, here comes another occasion to learn how to use a camera. Class starts at 19:00 and registration to Class will be 2 hours

At least we were laughing

An extremely fun shooting with Make-up artist Andreea and the interior of a shop for product photos. With stressful shootings you really have to trust your equipment and your knowledge. It is like the military that you have to be able to dismantle, in this case your camera, and handle the equipment in dark. It could be the sun disturbing you so you cant see if a lamp is lit as well as darkness pressing the right button, adding stress, and you really have to know how things work.

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