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Another Schueberfouer for the 675th time or something. I missed a few

Photo-walk Luxembourg was a beginners class in Park Belair

As a professional photographer it is rewarding and developing to give classes on all levels. By explaining the simple and making the complicated simplified , it develops also your own creativity. This day was about long exposure and using ND filters.

A night-selfie by the lake

HOW-to: The picture is a bit blurry because the bridge is actually moving so mirror up and remote trigger was for no help. This is a long exposure 30 seconds with 2.8 and hyperfocal point (hyper focal distans about 7 meters and a focus point about 40 meters), iso 100 and a flashlight in my hand. If the bridge was not moving the best result would have been achieved with a second curtain for the flash making me tack sharp. In this case the light is achieved through light painting, me pressing the flash repeatedly 5 times during the exposure of 30 seconds. As you can see my hand got overexposed but i can live with that :-)

Moonlight watch by lake

Had a wonderful shooting in the middle of the night looking at the stars and enjoying the lake in the north

Photo-walk Luxembourg

The morning class focused on perspective and composition and we had a great foggy morning session in Niederanven.

Marienthal is a very beautiful place

Are you looking for a place for a Sunday tour. Try visiting Marienthal and Arsenbourg castle. For a photo tour it is a fantastic place both inside the garden and in the surroundings. Even when weather is not so good the clouds give you a nice contrast and the little church can be visited by a brittle bridge. This is a highly recommended place with or without camera.

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