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Cool filters from Google now for free

Google acquired the filter company Efex pro and made them available for free. There is a ton of cool filters in the package to use with Photoshop and Lightroom and there is no reason to list all the filters. Install it and have a try. Mostly it saves time if you find a filter you like. Nothing that you cant really do in Photoshop but you do save some time if you are not super fast already in your workflow. Try it:

An oldie

This teddy-bear is from 1945 and it was with great joy I had a little shooting with such a cool toy. I remembered a similar one from when i was a little boy. Well honestly when you can spend some time in the studio with the teddy-bear I think the kid is still there in me .

Some models you do fall inlove with

This little model was just too cute to handle. Your heart falls like a stone into deep water when the smile burst out with two teeth sticking out. You just feel lucky to be part of such moments.

Confirmation when as its best

Emily had one wonderful day and I am very happy I could take part of it. A moment in church quite grandios followed by a champagne table and the coolest party bus taking us to Burglinster castle. What a day

Jumping minister!

Diversity walk was arranged by 4 ladies with such a spark in the soul and mind. Btw that is the name of their companies. Such wonderful people that you just get happy being around with them. Judge from the pictures that can be found at

Photo-walk Luxembourg

Photo-walk Luxembourg Sunday 8 May Staying in shape meting nature and hiking at the same time as learning about photography. This Sunday 8/5 we will have a walk about 3 hours with many different situations of landscape, portrait. The walk is adopted to the level of photography in the hiking group so all levels are welcome. Bring your own camera. Start: 13:00 111 Avenue du 10 Septembre Car sharing but 3 seats available at this point Return : 16:00 Cost: 40 Euro Send email with name and phone number to

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