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Photo-walks advanced

Ever heard of Hyper focal point (hfp)? Did you ever wonder how to get a sharp picture throughout the whole picture. When shooting a landscape where should you keep the focus? Another problem is where you should meter but we are not covering this now.The basic rule to remember is about 1/3 in the picture is where you should put focus. There are software that can give you the HFP but the problem in reality is how to judge the distance for doing so. The application counts where you should focus and gives you a distance to subject. If your lens have a distance setting, you could use that. The other solution that requires post-processing would be to combine the same picture with different focus

Long expsosure

Long exposure means that you leave the shutter open for a longer time to create effect from clouds or water or moving object. A crowded place could seem empty as people disappear in long exposures when moving, but mostly we use long exposure to isolate a beautiful view and to get the water a bit milky we use long exposure. This is used in waterfall pictures very commonly. What equipment do we need to perform a long exposure? Two situations give different equipment: Long exposure during daytime require you to use a ND filter to bring down the light. The ND filter blocks light. Nd filter comes in different strength, blocking more och less light. I use a ND 400 blocking 10 stops. During night

Photo-walk Luxembourg

One Sunday a month, we are having a photo-walk taking hiking treks in beautiful Luxembourg and learning some new photography. Sunday 24/4 will be basic handling of camera for landscapes. All levels are welcome to sign-up. This picture is from the last walk. If you would like to join, please sign up by sending a message.

The evening bridge

Some bridges take you home. Some bridges are for leaving. It is all how you feel when you cross the bridge. This should be a contest where you all could send in your bridges. When I leave this bridge I feel happy. Tell me your story and your bridges!

Marketing photos for a band

Did you hear these guys play, La Boca? The shooting was a bit chaotic until they started to feel at home playing. It is not easy to guide 5 musicians as a photographer but we had great fun.

La Boca

Shooting with La Boca, an Argentine music tango band was a nice experience. We laughed a lot and i also got to hear some lovely pieces of Piazzola. More of this. Combining to of my passions could not be more ultimate.

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