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A moment in church with a little one

I am normally less nervous in a wedding but to ensure that you dont frighten the little one with a huge scary camera and not to mention the flashes, I was walking on my toes.

Go with the flow

Most of the cars were certain I was a police officer recording traffic as they hit the brake and the train of cars slowed down.

A gift for a loved one on Valentine

Do you have a hard time finding a gift for Valentine. You dont need a special day to tell someone you love them... You need a special day to show it. Book a photo session and take some pictures together.

A scared model

Just beginning the photo shoot when I realized the horse was severely scared of the flash. Each time the flash popped the horse jumped half a meter up and I was afraid that the lady would be thrown off. She was very professional and handled the horse with strict force and we could continue.

And the knifes were flying

As I am doing a series for peoples hobbies, I thought I better show my own too and this resulted in a shoot in my own kitchen. I plan to show the before and after when I get some more time. It is good my mom thought is was only a photoshop trick... For sure the knifes where thrown in the air but not at the same time :-)

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